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About Us

Pooleys Flight Equipment Africa has been supplying aviation products in Southern Africa since 2002. We import products from Pooleys Flight Equipment in the United Kingdom providing the highest qaulity of product available on the market.

We import a large variety of products from kneeboards to fuel testers, from general reading books to training material for all aspects of a pilot's career.

Pooleys UK commenced trading in 1957. Together, our aim is to standardise the quality of flying training, teaching and learning equipment through schools and their instructors through the United Kingdom and South Africa.

The products and accessories manufactured, published and supplied by Pooleys greatly exceed those detailed in this website. Experienced Pooleys' staff are available to help with further specifications and quotations for the complete range of products available.

Pooleys have set the industry standard in so many areas of manufacturing and publishing of aviation products for pilots that their equipment and manuals are now sold in over 40 countries around the world.